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The New York State Child Advocacy Resource and Consultation Center (CARCC), a program of Safe Horizon, was established in April 1996 through a grant from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. CARCC’s mission is to work with Multidisciplinary Teams and Child Advocacy Centers throughout New York State to promote and enhance multidisciplinary responses to child sexual abuse, severe child physical abuse, and child fatality reviews.

The multidisciplinary approach maximizes the strength of all disciplines involved in child abuse investigations and minimizes the trauma to child victims. The Center is committed to building on existing resources to benefit multidisciplinary efforts across New York State and to providing services tailored to the needs of each community we serve.

CARCC provides resources and responds to professional inquiries but is not involved with cases and does not work directly with families, victims, offenders, caregivers.

With assistance from the New York State Children’s Justice Task Force and the New York State Children’s Alliance, CARCC encourages multidisciplinary efforts in the following ways:

Technical Assistance ResourcesAssessment and Consultation ServicesTrainings

CARCC also maintains a listserv for professionals from all disciplines across New York State who support the multidisciplinary approach. This open forum allows for easy dissemination of information, questions, trainings, and other appropriate dialogues. If you would like to join the CARCC listserv, please send an email with “Listserv” in the subject headline and provide a brief explanation of your professional affiliation and connection to the child advocacy field.

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