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Children are being abused and aren’t telling. They are too afraid, ashamed, confused, and under the control of their abusers. They do not have a voice.

We all most likely know multiple people who have been sexually abused as children. In fact, we most likely know a child right now that was, is, or will be sexually abused.

The real damage of sexual abuse is not what has happened to their bodies, but what has happened to their minds, their hearts – affecting their ability to live a fulfilling productive life.

What too many want to deny

The people that are abusing children are the very people we love. The people we enjoy spending time with. The people we trust to care for our children.

We’re not afraid to say it – incest is alive and thriving in today’s modern world. Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts & uncles, cousin etc. This is not a “backwoods” issue – incest and sexual predators permeate every demographic possible. Every race, every class, every geographic region, people in cities, suburbs, rural areas – this is a world issue.

It is our own fear to face this reality, to ignore it, to not talk about it – that is putting children at risk to become a victim of sexual abuse.

It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to protect these children

We must learn what we’re up against.
We must instill in our children that their bodies and those of other people deserve respect We must teach ourselves, our family, our friends, and our children how to deter and detect abuse.
We must advocate for policies and procedures to be put in place for all organizations that work with children to better protect them.
We must be proactive.
We must be fearless if the time comes that we suspect abuse, no matter who it is – a spouse, friend, or person of authority.
We must report and protect.
We must all work together.

Why do I need to know?

People who don’t have kids might wonder why they need to know about child sexual abuse. Well, first off – you never know when you may witness something that puts a child at risk. There is even an organization – Nomad Truckers Against Child Trafficking because there are good truck drivers that CARE about what is going on out there – what is happening at truck stops. Awesome!

And if nothing else, when we are ALL educated about the reality of injustice in this world, when someone says something ignorant or naive – we can counter them with the TRUTH.

Increased awareness = decreased ignorance = better protection for children.

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