Family Court Injustice

Middletown, Connecticut: A 7 month old infant was killed by his father just a few weeks after a Court failed to give the mother (and applicant) a permanent restraining order. The Judge also told the victim to co-parent with her abuser. When she did so, the father gained access to the child, and killed him. 

Listen to what the judge’s reason for denying the protective order..During a hearing on June 29, 2015, Judge Barry C. Pinkus offered these words in Court to Adrianne Oyola (19), mother seeking a permanent protective order for herself and her 7 month old child, Aaden: “I’m not convinced that there’s a continuous threat of present physical pain or physical injury.

I just think the two of you don’t have a good relationship and you need to get – somebody needs to go downstairs and file a custody application, and you need to work out a parental rights agreement..


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