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I was watching a video by Pandora called “The Unique Connection“. In the video, children are blind folded then led into a room full of women and asked to identify, with their senses and intuition, which woman is their mother. 

Little hands reached for bigger hands… a tiny rosebud nose rubbed against a much larger, softer nose seeking a familiar scent… Blindfolded and without sight, each child searched for the special, one of a kind woman who is “mom”. And when found, there were joyful smiles, hugs, tears and an outpouring of love.

As a mother being alienated from her children by an abusive ex The Unique Connection gave me hope that my children will keep a part of our own “unique connection” in their hearts. That, no matter the separation we now experience, our bond, and our love will remain strong. 

I would like to…

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