Family Court Injustice

“The mother must know that any obstructionism on her part will be immediately reported to the judge, either by the therapist or though the guardian ad litem or child advocate. The court must be willing to impose sanctions such as fines or jail. The threat of loss of primary custody can also help such mothers ‘remember to cooperate.

— Dr Richard Gardner, American Fatherhood.

Dr. Richard Gardner was a psychiatrist who worked as an (paid) expert witness in family court. Dr. Gardner defended men from abuse allegations by devising”Parental Alienation Syndrome” (PAS). According to Gardner, women develop PAS after a divorce or break-up because they are angry that the relationship is over. To get revenge, the mother raises false allegations of abuse and tries to turn the child against the father. The “cure” for PAS is removing the mother from the child’s life or severely limiting her…

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