Legal Abuse Syndrome Case Law

Sprague v. Baillargeon

Dist. Court, WD Michigan, 2012 – Google Scholar
 Mr. Sprague alleges that Judge Baillargeon’s conduct during the State Farm matter caused him “considerable stress,” exacerbating his indigency and preexisting health problems and leading Mr. Sprague to suffer from what he calls “Legal Abuse Syndrome.” Mr. Sprague 


Dillon v. Astrue

Dist. Court, D. New Hampshire, 2012 – Google Scholar
 Id. Second, the 2007 report contains generalities about PTSD and LegalAbuseSyndrome that Dr. Huffer did not specifically attribute to Dillon. Id.  In 2007, she diagnosed Dillon with PTSD and
Legal Abuse Syndrome and concluded that his condition is “disabling.” Tr. 241. 


Lilley v. Peeler

Dist. Court, SD Ohio, 2015 – Google Scholar
 Plaintiff’s Complaint spans 185 typed pages and contains 705 paragraphs. [1] He alleges that, “the actions in this complaint have taken place over a period of approximately nineteen years,” causing him “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/LegalAbuseSyndrome (PTSD/LAS),” [2 



Dist. Court, MD Florida, 2013 – Google Scholar
 He asserts that this intimidation resulted in “LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME” which caused him to remove his cases to this Court. He requests as relief that the Court allow him to add this cause of action and that he receive damages in the amount of “$400,00 as per his UCC lien . . 



Dist. Court, D. Connecticut, 2014 – Google Scholar
 not have.” (Id. ¶ 21.) In addition, Plaintiff alleges that this discrimination on the basis of perceived disability has led to her developing “stress and anxiety” and “Legal Abuse Syndrome, a form of PTSD.” (Id. ¶ 22.) Plaintiff developed 


Adamson v. Hayes

Dist. Court, D. Arizona, 2012 – Google Scholar
 [1] The attached publications included multiple copies of such things as an article titled “Legal Abuse Syndrome” by Karin Huffer; various articles or extracts with headings such as “Is Your Attorney Engaged in Fraud,” “`Fraud upon the court’ makes void the orders and judgments 


SPELIC v. Commissioner of Social Security

Dist. Court, ED Michigan, 2015 – Google Scholar
 unfairness in judgment discriminate the Plaintiff’s employment, consequence and potentially harm future employment, result in adverse employment,” “living today with abuse, physical harm, mental anguish,” and that she now suffers from “Legal Abuse Syndrome as form of post 


Wahl v. Wecht

Dist. Court, WD Pennsylvania, 2010 – Google Scholar
 [“ADA”]. On her accommodation request submitted to Court administration, Mother alleged that she was disabled by “legal abuse syndrome.” In the meantime, Mother filed several papers with
the Department of Court Records, but never presented them in this Court. 

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