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Coming in 2016


We at STM Learning are ending the year thrilled with the success of the newly published second edition of our Sexual Assault Quick Reference and busy preparing for the release of our upcoming titles.  See below for a list of our new titles and what we have in the works for 2016


Sexual Assault Quick Reference, 2nd Edition (over 200 images with case studies)


Now available, the revised second edition of Sexual Assault Quick Reference provides newly updated information on a variety of subjects, as well as  four all-new chapters covering:


— Disclosure processes, medical and mental health care, and legal proceedings for sexual assault in the military.

— The nature of human trafficking, common characteristics and identification of trafficked persons, and physical and mental health issues for survivors.

— Assessment, documentation, and treatment of injuries sustained viastrangulation.

— Understanding and responding toonline sexual exploitation, including self-exploitation, sexting, and exposure to sexually explicit materials.


Forthcoming:Child Abuse Pocket Atlas Series (2700 images with case studies)


Volume One: Skin Injuries


Volume Two: Sexual Abuse


Volume Three: Head Injuries


Volume Four: Investigation, Documentation, and Radiology


Volume Five: Child Fatality and Neglect


This series is expertly designed by and for first responders, medical practitioners, law enforcement, and social services, and legal professionalswho routinely work with children, providing a comprehensive look at  many kinds of child maltreatment.


The series will include five volumes, each following a specific area of interest including:  Volume 1: Skin Injuries;  Volume 2: Child Sexual Abuse;  Volume 3: Head Injuries; Volume 4: Investigation, Documentation, and Radiology;and Volume 5: Child Fatality and Neglect


Physical Examination of Sexual Assault Pocket Atlas Series (over 1,100 images with case studies)


Volume One: Assault Histories


Volume Two: Nonassault Variants and Normal Findings


This series serves as a convenient visual reference for investigators and care providers to identify or rule out sexual assault quickly and correctly. The series includes over 1,100 images demonstrating both typical and unusual findings in sexual assault and non-assault cases.


Volume 1: Assault Histories includes over 600 full-color photos and case studies to demonstrate findings in cases of sexual assault across the life span while Volume 2: Nonassault Variants and Normal Findings contains over 500 images of normal findings in physical examinations to help investigators quickly identify the subtle differences between normal variants and signs indicative of assault.


Abusive Head Trauma Pocket Atlas Series (over 300 images with case studies)


Volume One: Traumatic Injuries


Volume Two: Medical Mimics


This 2-volume series includes comprehensive information and the possible outcomes of Abusive Head Trauma, the many different kinds of injuries that may result from it. Over 300 pathological and radiological images provide a perfect point of reference for identifying AHT andrecognizing possible alternative issues.


The first volume, Traumatic Injuries, focuses on the injuries which often result from Abusive Head Trauma and how to identify them, while the second volume, Medical Mimics, will help investigators and medical professionals identify medical conditions which may be mistaken for abuse, helping to prevent misdiagnosis.


Sexual Assault: Victimization Across the Life Span 3-Volume Set (600 forensic images with case studies)


Volume One: Investigation, Diagnosis, and the Multidisciplinary Team


Volume Two: Evaluation of Children and Adults


Volume Three: Special Settings and Survivor Populations


Complete with updated information this series focuses on the treatment and investigation of Sexual Assault from a multidisciplinary perspective, providing comprehensive tools for all professionals involved in sexual assault cases.


Volume 1: Investigation, Diagnosis, and the Multidisciplinary Team focuses on educating complete sexual assault response teams, including comprehensive guides for each interdependent role in the treatment and investigation of sexual assault.


Volume 2: Evaluation of Children and Adults focuses on the unique needs of sexual assault survivors in various age groups, including sexual violence against children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly, providing tools for working with any age demographic more effectively.


Volume 3: Special Settings and Survivor Populations provides information on the particular needs of special survivor populations as well as those in unique settings.  This volume will particularly benefit responders associated with survivor populations in assisted living facilities, academic institutions, correctional facilities, and more.


Also coming in 2016:


Child Sexual Abuse Entry-Level Training for the Mandated Reporter


Child Abuse Quick Reference 3rd Edition


If interested in pre-ordering any of our forthcoming titles, please email us at or call us at (314)434-2424.  For all other titles, please visit our website


Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CT.



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