United we stand, and in solidarity we march, to stop violence against women & children!

Victimized women and children are rarely protected in the legal system, and victims are told by law enforcement to take their cases to civil (family or supreme) court, where women have to confront their abusers. Here, they become re-traumatized and further victimized, and often they are not granted necessary and appropriate accommodations to facilitate healing from the abuse.

Women are discriminated against for reporting abuse, and if they are mothers, they often lose custody of their children to the abusers just for doing so. Silence = Violence, but in civil custody court, reporting the abuse = losing custody to the abuser, and victims are then ordered severly limited contact with their child/ren and sometimes outright denied all contact altogether. This leaves lasting, irreparable and immeasurable damage to mothers and children, alike. Yes, this really happens, and it’s a major problem all across the nation. Innocent women are mistakenly accused of being malicious, or they are falsely alleged to be “alienating” the abuser from the child/ren. This is a widespread gross human rights abuse issue that is overlooked due the uncomfortable nature and taboo status of child abuse, which elicits an unconscious psychological denial reaction – an implicit bias and stigma against the innocent for their vulnerability and victimization.

Womens’ own victimization is used against them, and they are wrongfully and falsely accused of being unable to parent because they have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, anxiety, or other post-trauma symptoms from the abuse. Victim-blaming is an unconscious phenomenon whereby people tend to project the responsibility for the abuse onto the victim, in order to maintain a cozy perception of reality in which people are believed to have control over what happens to them, and that they are deserving of their experiences. This is known in psychology as the “just world fallacy.”

This is not an issue of man versus woman, or mother versus father; this is an issue of abuser or perpetrator versus victim or survivor. This is an issue that all conscious and compassionate red-blooded human beings can and must stand behind.

We must bring awareness to put an end to a legal system that supports violence against women and children! We march for the rights of humanity to be free from violence, for the love of our children, and for the inherent right of mothers to not have to be court-ordered to hand their precious children (who they created, carried, labored, birthed & nurtured!) over to people that have abused them!

March to bring awareness and help end discrimination based on gender, domestic violence victim status, familial status, sexual orientation, mental health status, disability status, whistle-blower status, race, religion, etc. Women and Children are entitled to special protection according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which also recognizes the family as a fundamental unit of society which is entitled to special protection.

For most children, home is where mommy is.We, as a nation, are still debating the rights of the unborn, yet the rights of birthed children are essentially non-existent according to the corrupt American government and legal system.

We are taking the fight for women’s reproductive rights to another level – their right to choose what happens to their own bodies and the fruits thereof – and extending it to women’s rights to parent and protect their own children, who are products of their labor of love. Mothers need their children, and children need their mothers. We must nurture and honor the bond between children and their primary attachment figures. Women are built for childbearing and child-rearing. The studies of biology, anthropology, psychology and evolutionary sciences support and reinforce this critical bond between children and their primary attachment figures. Maternal deprivation is severely and irreparably damaging to infants, children, and adolescents. If good and loving fathers can acknowledge this, then why can’t the police, judges, and attorneys? We need the legal system to recognize this indisputable fact, and so we march!


AMICABLE in America is a Volunteer-Member-Based, Grassroots Non-Profit Association and Community Watchdog Organization for Children’s & Victim’s Rights Advocacy.

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