Révolution Féministe

The war of the american Justice system against mothers

Interview of Caroline Bréhat

By Francine Sporenda

Traduction  RF_Drapeau_Francais

RF_SPORENDA_Caroline_BrehatCaroline Bréhat has been a freelance journalist In New York for ten years (under the pen name Natasha Saulnier). During this period, she has written and published « Kill Kill Kill, War Crimes in Iraq ? » with Marine sergeant Jimmy Massey in 2005 (Editions du Panama) and « Hot Dogs and Croissants, The Culinary Misadventures of Two French Girls in America » in 2015. Before « Mauvais père «  (Bad Dad), Caroline has written « J’ai aimé un manipulateur » (I Loved a Manipulator) , translated in 8 languages. She lives now in Britanny (France) and is a translator for the PNUD and UN Women.

FS : In your book « Mauvais père », you tell the story of the struggle of a French born mother living in the US trying to protect her daughter from the manipulations and agressions of…

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