A Child’s Best Interests

Child abuse takes on many forms, whether it’s violence or sexually inappropriate behavior that is directed towards the child, or whether the child is a witness to it. Alienation from loving attachment figures, legal abuse, maltreatment and neglect, financial abuse, as well as psychological and emotional abuse are also true forms of child abuse. We vehemently oppose child abuse in any of its forms, and actively stand up against it, as it is absolutely and without exception not to be tolerated. We advocate strongly for children’s rights, freedoms and liberties, as well as those of well-intentioned parents who clearly want what is in their child’s best interests. We support the The Campaign for US Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Frightening Statistics

Scientific data reflect that the rates of child abuse and neglect as reported by the state central registry for maltreatment and neglect are drastically different from the rate of accual occurrences of child abuse, which according to a study, showed the rate of child abuse was more accurately measured at 1 in every 18 children. What this shows is that Child Protective Services doesn’t substantiate an overwhelming number of cases that should otherwise be indicated for child abuse.

Abuse Invisibly Scars Children For Life or Leads to Death

It is a heartwrenching tragedy seen all too often when abuse is actually present in a family where it is overlooked, leaving child victims vulverable to further abuse, causing lifelong detrimental effects, and leading to serious injury and even death, as we have sadly seen in our respective communities, and from which we should all take great heed. Child Protective Services have failed these children time after time and case after case, while those who are falsely accused due to an insidious victim-blaming mentality suffer the the heavy, life-altering consequences of a broken system which deprive them and their children of their rights, freedoms, liberties, and quality of life to which they are entitled.

Systems Failure

Family Court, CPS, law enforcement, and other child protective entities typically don’t have the time or resources necessary to spend on thoroughly investigating each individual case with the consideration required to make a fair assessment with any kind of consistency. In fact, our research into individual case studies indicates that the only consistency of conduct with which many of these entities operate is that they fail to protect defenseless children when abuse is occurring, and instead presume, even in spite of the presence of evidence to the contrary, that the innocent party is guilty, effectively paying no respect to the due process, burden of proof, and presumption of innocence provisions set forth in the US Constitution.

At AMICABLE, we work with an extensive knowledgebase and we put in the time, care and concern necessary to deliniate a clear differentiation between parents who are actual perpetrators of abuse and those who are simply being misrepresented, as allegations of abuse are often met with scathing counter-attacks, making it difficult for clinicians, councilmembers, and social workers to see past the fog of lies and deceit. 

Inter-familial perpetrators

The overwhelming majority of abuse perpetrators are related to the child victim. 81 percent of victims were maltreated by a parent, according to the 2011 data.

The way Family Court handles allegations of abuse by one parent against another leaves much to be desired. Protective parents are typically misrepresented as being the alienating parents, and are thus alienated from their children as a “treatment strategy.” This strategy treats erroneously presumed parental alienation by forcefully enacting… parental alienation: usually of the protective (the more loving and fit) parent. Parental alienation by one parent against another is deemed akin to child abuse. However, when it is legally implemented, society assumes that any determination made by a judge is perfectly fair and just, thus further socially complicating the trauma of the victim and protective parent and leaving the victim vulnerable to further abuse.  This treatment strategy was based on the work of a psychologist, Dr. Richard Gardner, who died at age 72 as a result of …killing himself.

Stop Child Abuse!

We support the parents who have courage enough to stand up and speak out against child abuse which occurs at the hands of a family member, even in spite of the fact that the odds are stacked against them in doing so. The other end of the spectrum is to remain silent about the abuse and not seek help where help is needed, a scenario in which everyone ultimately suffers. The message that the the child protective system, with their current method of conduct, inadvertendly sends to families affected by abuse is essentially: don’t tell or we’ll legally kidnap and alienate you from your children while we ensure that they are subjected to further abuse at the hands of the violent parent. From a conceptual standpoint, it seems to be well understood that Silence = Violence, yet good parents are routinely told in Family Court that if they don’t drop their allegations of abuse against the perpetrator, they will lose rights to their children. Family Court and CPS pay no regard to the existence of evidence of abuse in many cases, while decisions against the victim, in the perpetrators favor, are often made without the existence of any evidence at all, a fair hearing, or due process of law. We recognize that this is a problem of epidemic proportions within the child protective and legal system, the attitudes of our community, and throughout our nation: one of which we are actively working on changing through legal reform efforts and awareness campaigns.  

Call to Reform

At AMICABLE in America, our interests are that of protecting and advocating for the vulnerable youth, and those parents from whom they are able to derive the most loving support possible. Recovery from childhood abuse hinges on two factors: 1. Loving connection to primary caregiver, and 2. Being believed and supported by those from whom help is sought. Abused children are deprived of both of these factors when they turn to Family Court, CPS, Law Enforcement, and even some of the more corrupt mental health professionals for help. That is why child abuse awareness, education, and reform is desperately called for.

In our local community, we are working closely and pooling our resources with regional representatives of the National Coalition for Family Court and CPS Reform. Together, we are currently conducting a statistical research project in our region of origin. If you currently live in Ulster County, NY, and are involved in Family Court litigation proceedings, please contact us. We are setting our sights on a better tomorrow!

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” Our reform activism involves exercising our freedoms to peacefully assemble, petition our government, and raise awareness through freedom of speech. Knowledge is power. 

If you are passionate about protecting innocent victims and believe that abusers should be held accountable for their crimes, please join us in our efforts to level the scales of justice and give them the kind of lives they deserve. Feel free to browse our collection of educational and supportive resources within the site, and check back with us often, as tons of new research and information is added daily. Connect with us on social media; We’re here to help. The truth shall be known and we shall not be silenced!